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Refresh your Kitchen Décor this Spring

Updated: Mar 2

We love to work with our customers to design brand new kitchens from scratch, but sometimes it’s simply not the right time. If you love your kitchen and it works for your lifestyle you won’t want to change it up, budget may stop you making big changes, or you think it’s going to disrupt your life too much. Whatever the reason that means a refit isn’t right for you now, there are small changes that you can make in your kitchen that can make a big difference.

Let’s get look at some spring kitchen décor ideas!

Update Your Handles

This can have a great impact in your kitchen; changing cupboard and drawer handles is quick and cost effective, but will change the overall effect. PWS has a great range that we fit and supply, have a browse and see if something catches your eye. If this is a DIY job you’re going to take on yourself have a look at the choices from Ironmongery Direct or Screwfix.

Update Your Flooring

Your floor often goes unnoticed in your kitchen, but it brings your whole kitchen together. If your kitchen floor is old, worn and generally tired think about installing a more resilient material. Wood, stone and tile are timeless, and opting for a luxury vinyl tile like Karndean is a brilliant choice for a versatile, hardwearing option coming in a variety of colours.

Update Your Worktops

Worktops can get tired and worn just like your flooring and swapping them out for something new and fresh is straightforward. There is so much choice when it comes to the material, colour and pattern, and there is something to suit whatever your style or budget! We’ve recently completed this project with a 20mm classic quartz stone worktop from the Tahiti range and it’s a great finish. (as seen below)

Replace or Paint Your Cupboard Doors

If the design of the kitchen and the condition of the cupboard carcasses work for you, there is no need to replace the whole unit, but you can change the doors to update the colour and style of the kitchen. Most doors have a universal sizing, but we would always recommend checking the dimensions before choosing your replacements.

Another DIY project you could take on yourself is painting your existing cupboard doors. This is a budget friendly update but make sure that you choose paint that is suitable for the job like Johnstone’s Cupboard paint.

Spring Clean

Giving your kitchen a good old declutter can make a world of difference. And once you’re done, a deep spring clean will leave you with a fresh and lovely kitchen. Remember to follow the rules of decluttering:

1. Touch it once – pick up an item and decide what you are going to do with it there and then.

2. Have your bags or boxes ready – one each for keep, sell or give away and throw away.

3. If you haven’t used an item in 6 months (12months for seasonal items) it goes!

4. If you’re really unsure about what to do with something put it away for 6 months (12 months again for seasonal items) and if you still haven’t used them you can get rid of them safely in the knowledge that you won’t miss it.

5. Anything that you’re keeping needs to be put away in an organised fashion after cleaning the drawer, cupboard etc.

6. Start small – the infamous ‘kitchen drawer’ of odds and ends is the perfect place to start.

Any investments that you make when it comes to updating or upgrading your kitchen will give you a more enjoyable kitchen to live in, and a good quality finish will improve your home’s resale price too.

If you are ready to upgrade or refit your complete kitchen, get in touch. Based in Oxfordshire, we cover kitchen design, supply and fitting jobs in a wide local radius. For more kitchen design ideas, hints and tips follow us on Facebook.

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