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Making the Most of a Small Kitchen

We love helping our clients make the most of their kitchens, however large or small, through innovative design and smart storage solutions. Here is an insight into the design process behind creating a small but perfectly formed kitchen.

Small kitchens can sometimes feel like a puzzle, with limited space and the constant struggle to find a place for everything but we understand the unique constraints you face. It’s a case of striking a balance between functionality and aesthetics while taking into account everything from tight corners to limited counter space.

The first step of any kitchen design is to assess our clients’ needs and priorities, this is at the heart of any of our designs. We will then get busy taking lots of measurements, allowing us to create an accurate plan and know what we are working with. We will consider the placement of appliances to enhance the functionality of a small space.

When our clients talk to us about kitchen design it can often focus on the fixtures and fittings, but there are other design considerations that play a vital role. Cleverly used lighting – whether natural or artificial – will create an illusion of spaciousness. Lighter colour schemes for the décor and cupboard and drawer fronts will also visually expand the space. Glossy cabinets and glass splashbacks will reflect light back into the room too.

This may seem like a lot to think about, but don’t worry! We are here to help!

Smart Storage Ideas

This is where we excel in our kitchen design. We are independent with the choice of any quality supplier and we will find the perfect solution for your design and budget. Think beyond traditional drawers and cupboards implementing these ideas for maximising your space:

  • Utilise vertical space using pegboards or magnetic strips on the wall to hang kitchen essentials

  • Unused wall space can be used to mount racks and hooks for hanging pots

  • Make the most of any space or gaps above your fridge/freezer or cabinets to store less frequently used items and free up worktop or cupboard space

  • Install pull out drawers and sliding shelves in cupboards to make accessing items at the back a cinch

  • Corner cabinets with rotating or sliding mechanisms mean you can use those otherwise hard to reach corners

  • Multipurpose furniture in a small kitchen is simply genius! Use islands or butcher trolleys with built in storage compartments. Bar stools or chairs can also have inbuilt storage that is useful for hiding away small items.

Maintaining Your Small Kitchen Design

Once we’ve designed, fitted and snagged your kitchen our job is done, however we do have a few suggestions to help you maintain your beautiful kitchen and keep it feeling as spacious as possible.

Keep your kitchen clutter free – a good tactic for anywhere in your home, but in a small kitchen it is all too easy for clutter to take over and make the space feel even smaller. Regularly declutter and clear to keep on top of things.

Establish effective storage – we have left you with a fantastic design, but make the most of it moving forward. Use stackable containers or drawer dividers to stay organised, and use labelled containers, grouping together similar items.

Our message here is that you don’t need to despair because you have a small kitchen. With a clever design you can have everything you need! If you’re in Oxfordshire and the surrounding counties contact us to discuss your kitchen renovation and realise your dream kitchen.

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