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Home Sweet Kitchen: Your House Hunting Guide

There are so many things to consider when you’re searching for your perfect new home – location, number of bedrooms, budget – and it can be overwhelming. We want to make it easier for you, but helping you see the potential in the kitchens that you see. When it comes to house hunting, we know that the kitchen plays an important role in your future living experience. How ever you use the kitchen – cooking, homework, remote working – it’s undoubtedly the hub of the home. If you view a house with a rundown kitchen, or a space that just simply won’t work for your lifestyle, we don’t think that you should instantly dismiss it. If the house is right, the kitchen can be improved!

We are going to discuss some of the things to look for in your new kitchen and some changes that you can make, from a simple refresh to a full renovation, so that you can make the kitchen work for you.

Layout and Flow

Look for ample worktop space, efficiently placed appliances and a layout that suits your cooking habits. Minor adjustments could improve the existing layout.

Cabinets and Storage

Consider whether there is sufficient storage space for everything you need. You may be able to add clever storage solutions within the existing cupboards and drawers to maximise the space for example additional shelves to allow the full height to be used. Secondly, look at the state of the units, do they need to be replaced? If the carcasses are in good working order but you don’t like the finish, you can change the doors and handles to suit your taste. This is an easy and cost effective refresh.

Finishes and Colour

We’d hope that when you’re viewing a house, the kitchen is clean and presented well, but that doesn’t mean the décor is your choice. Cupboard doors can be painted or replaced, walls repainted or wallpapered and splashbacks changed. These should be straightforward things to do, and if you complete the jobs before you fully unpack it will save you a lot of upheaval.

Renovation Potential

If the kitchen doesn’t work at all for you in its current stage, you could look at redesigning and renovating it. The estimated cost of this is something you may wish to consider when you’re deciding on an offer. Think about the scope of the renovations: does the layout work but the fixtures need replacing? Does the layout need to be reconfigured? Is there building work required to make the space work for you? If a renovation is on the cards it is worth engaging with kitchen designers and fitters to get some ideas and accurate costings.

Something to take into account with renovations is the priority and return on investment. If the kitchen can be used in the short term it gives you an opportunity to live in it and see what changes you want to make. Delaying work may also be a budgetary requirement. If the kitchen needs to be worked on immediately, that needs to be factored in. You may be able to focus on essential upgrades and work through the other tasks.

When you’re deciding on a kitchen refit budget, think about the return on investment; how much will the price of your house be improved through this work? It takes time to realise a price increase on your home, so if you are planning on moving on quickly you may want to reduce your spend. If you are moving to your forever home, not only will you have time to recoup your kitchen renovation expenses, but you want to be able to thoroughly enjoy living there throughout the years. In this scenario, we feel that it’s worth investing to create your dream kitchen.

The kitchen is more than just a functional space – it's a hub of daily activity. When buying a new house, careful consideration of these points can help you make a well-informed decision.

If you’ve found a house that you love, but aren’t sure about the kitchen, why not contact us at the pre-purchase stage. We can give you guidance on what may be possible and it’s a head start to getting the work done once you complete on the sale. Contact us here for our help and advice.

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