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Getting Your Dream Kitchen with Greenwood Kitchens

When you are at the start of a kitchen renovation project, it can feel overwhelming. Where do you start? What do you want? What do you need? All these questions, and more, fill your head. You know why you want a new kitchen, you know it will be worth it in the end, but you’re not sure how the process all works. That’s where we step in, and the journey begins. 

First things first

We find that our clients have an overall vision of what they want:

  • More worktop space

  • More storage

  • A family-friendly kitchen

  • A better layout

  • An upgrade and update

These are all great places to start, but we will dig a little deeper. Yes, we can create more workspace, but how do you want to use it? Is it just a food prep and cooking space, or do you need a workstation for working from home? We can look at storage options, but what do you want to store? Spice racks can be creatively added in nooks and niches, whereas pan and crockery storage will need cupboards, drawers or shelves. 

A family-friendly kitchen is one that comes up a lot, and it means different things to different people. At GK HQ for example, our kitchen is family friendly - it accommodates our teenage boys, homeworking space and a perfect social area, with tech and integrations to make everyone’s lives easier, including the dog! If you have a younger or older family, your needs will be different. 

The flow or layout of a kitchen is a hotly debated topic, and can be based on current trends, but again it’s individual to you. If you cook and bake from scratch, you will have different demands on your kitchen space than if you choose quick, ready-made options. The storage, working and cooking needs are different. 

If you’re happy with the general layout of your kitchen and are looking at an upgrade or update, it often comes down to personal preferences. We keep abreast of current trends so are ready to suggest ideas that will make your kitchen feel modern and fresh. If a more classic style is for you then we can help with that too. We are independent and work with a range of suppliers meaning we can source what is right for you and your kitchen. 

We love a checklist

We have now asked lots of questions and now have a clear idea of what our client wants to achieve and why they want it. We know the overall goal we’re aiming to achieve. Now to get more specific. 

We now work through our checklist that covers design, style and layout, appliances and finish. For example, do you want an island or breakfast bar? What colours and styles do you like? What appliances do you need - a hob, warming drawer, microwave, hot water tap? We can advise on what’s available and what fits the budget. We will make suggestions and recommendations based on our clients’ aims and our extensive experience. Maybe an island or more storage is at the top of the wishlist, but our client can’t see how it’s possible to add these. We can come up with solutions and alternatives. 

The wants vs the needs

At this point, the conversation has often been led by our clients’ wants, and we’ve probed to see what that means they need. We continue on with our checklist to cover everything! 

Clients will know that they want to use a food processor, air fryer and microwave regularly. We know that they will need adequate plug sockets to allow this. 

Clients will know that they want more storage or to make the most of a small space. We know what is needed to make this happen. 

Clients will know that they want a kitchen they love and that will last for years. We know just how to do that and project manage the complete project. 

It’s often the details that make a design; at the end of the process, we will have thought about all your needs so you don’t have niggles and bugbears at the end of it. You will have a beautifully designed kitchen and be able to take for granted the small details that make it perfect. 

We’re the experts

We’ve created and honed this design process over the years and we know it works. An initial fact-finding consultation results in a kitchen that is loved and suits our clients’ lives. We know that our clients are the experts at living their lives, we’re the experts at making a kitchen suit that living perfectly. Once the design has been created, our team gets to work ready for you to enjoy the finished kitchen. 

If you’re at the beginning of your kitchen renovation journey and feeling overwhelmed with it all, contact us

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