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Future Proofing Your Kitchen – Creating Spaces That Grow With You

The kitchen is the heart and hub of any home, especially when it’s a family home. It’s the one room that everyone will use at some point each day. It’s the ideal space to cook, eat, entertain, spend time together and so much more. When you have new household members – whether that’s a new baby or relatives moving in with you – you may well find yourself rethinking the space. This, of course, is a logical time to plan how you’re going to use your kitchen now, but we would encourage you to think longer term. You might have a young family now, but you want your kitchen to be able to adapt as everyone grows up and needs change.

As both kitchen designers and fitters we will guide you to make decisions based on longer term planning, and here are a few of the things we will take into consideration:

Safety First

When it comes to a family kitchen safety will always be a top priority. The first thing that may spring to mind is childproofing cabinets and drawers. We will advise on safety locks and latches that won’t leave long lasting marks and holes when they’re no longer needed. Other safety considerations are worktops with rounded edges and a design with clear lines of sight so you can keep an eye on little ones while they explore and play.

Flexible Storage Solutions

As your children grow, so do their needs for storage space. Incorporating adjustable shelving and cabinets that can accommodate varying heights, allows easy access for both toddlers and teenagers. This flexibility ensures that your kitchen can adapt to changing requirements over time. Clever storage solutions, like pull-out pantries or hidden compartments are always a great option to optimise space and keep your kitchen organised.

Multi-Purpose Workstations

A kitchen is so much more than a space for cooking. It will become a hub for learning and creativity; from pasta pictures and finger painting, to homework and exam prep. Integrate a multi-purpose workstation that doubles as a study area and space for artistic projects to make this possible. Consider adding a chalkboard or whiteboard for notes, reminders and doodling; a fun way to keep organised.

A Place to Spend Time as a Family

Cooking, eating or working together in the kitchen can help families bond. An open plan kitchen will allow for interaction and communication with both friends and family while meals are being prepared; perfect for a busy family. A kitchen island or dining table will bring everyone together for share meals.

Design for Family Life and Style

Designing a kitchen that stands the test of time requires thoughtful consideration. Opt for a versatile colour scheme, such as neutral tones, that can evolve with your family's changing tastes. Use accessories for pops of colour and décor that can be easily swapped out as your children grow. Choose durable and easy-to-clean materials for the worktops, paint finish and flooring. This will help keep your kitchen looking fabulous for longer.

When it comes to designing kitchens for a growing family, Greenwood Kitchens have you covered. We spend time with our clients talking through needs, budget and preferences, and then we design a kitchen around that. It may seem like there is a lot to consider, but we will be with you every step of the way.

If you are ready to invest in your new family kitchen contact us.

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